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Juridisch advies voor Nederlandse ondernemers

Lewandowski Consulting is een Pools- en Nederlandstalig juridisch advies kantoor. Sinds 2002 ons team van juristen adviseert Nederlandse ondernemers op het gebied van het Poolse en het Nederlandse:

  1. ondernemingsrecht,
  2. arbeidsrecht,
  3. contractenrecht,
  4. onroerend goed in Polen,
  5. Europees recht en
  6. belastingrecht. 

Tot onze cliënten behoren Nederlandse en Poolse ondernemingen van zowel het MKB als het groot bedrijf. Tevens adviseren wij  ondernemingen uit Litouwen, Tsjechië en Duitsland. De medewerkers van Lewandowski Consulting spreken Nederlands, Pools, Engels en Russisch.

Taalkundige ondersteuning

Naast juridisch advies verzorgen wij tevens taalkundige ondersteuning bij gesprekken met Poolse contractspartijen, overheid en banken. Tevens verzorgen wij beëdigde vertalingen van officiële documenten.

Dankzij onze kennis, ervaring en ons netwerk in Polen kunt U profiteren van een snel en kundig advies en begeleiding in het Nederlands.

Lewandowski Consulting
Tel.                  +31 13 4632703
+31 13 4691124

Dr. Hub van Doorneweg 99
5026 RB
The Netherlands

Lewandowski Consulting
Postbus 1384
5004 BJ Tilburg
The Netherlands



We would like to present you an offer of WM Lawyers Sp z o.o. Office of Legal and Financial Services.

WM Lawyers Company is created by group of lawyers and economists, whose experiences earned in cooperation with the biggest companies of legal and financial services. We have processed a unique package of financial and legally attendance intended for economic subjects and units of local governments.

Our services:

  1. Constant and incidental legal services of enterprises.
  2. A supervision of cash flow.
  3. Purchasing the debts
  4. Programs of amortization of a debt for enterprises.
  5. Administrative reconnaissance and help in execution proceeding.
  6. Counseling in range of creations, connections and transformations all types of companies.
  7. Legal analysis.
  8. Management consulting.
  9. Full service of insurance broker .
  10. Assistance in liquidation of damage in insurance companies.
  11. Assistance in finding a business partner on Polish market.
  12. Counseling in scope of ISO 9000:2000 and 14000:2000.
  13. Ecology and environmental protection law.
  14. Mediation of sale and purchase of real estate.

Our purpose is affirmation of the highest quality of service of legal and financial attendance. We are some that we will add any efforts, in order to cope with your expectations in this range. The rich tradition and experience of WM Lawyers obliges us for it.

WM Lawyers Sp. z o.o.
54-237 Wroclaw
Starograniczna 28
Tel: +48 71 3509922
Fax: +48 71 3509921




Focus International Trade was established in order to contribute to the development of international trade. We build and maintain commercial relations between Polish and foreign enterprises.  We offer our customers professional advisory, consulting, marketing and promotional services in the area of international cooperation.

We can offer our future partners:
-Polish market analysis,
-seeking and matching business partners in Poland,
-promoting and selling products and services in the Polish market  as well as
-representing commercial interests in Polish market,
-contract management and negotiation,
-translation and language courses,
-legal and customs advice,
-advice on Polish business customs,
-assistance in opening foreign company representative offices in Poland,
-assistance in personnel recruitment in Poland.

44/46 Krótka Street
42-200 Częstochowa
tel./fax.: +48 (0) 34 361 50 43
web site:



TAV Poland is a company which provides training to businesses and advice and coaching to individuals and groups.

With a professional background in management, personnel and organisation in both the Netherlands and Poland, we can advise companies faced with economic, social and cultural differences between the two countries and provide solutions.

TAV Poland works with NIP psychologists and professionals at various specialised levels.

To improve your company organisation we provide comprehensive training courses in:

•  Personnel and Organisation
•  Arbo (Occupational Health) & Safety
•  Language

TAV Poland Training, Advice and Translation Bureau provides training courses, advice and support to

. companies with commercial contacts with Poland
. companies planning new ventures in Poland
. companies with Polish employees
. managers working in an intercultural organisation
. Polish employees working in the Netherlands, either temporarily or long-term
. Polish contractors working in the Netherlands

We will be happy to discuss how we could support your company.

TAV Poland
Training, Advice & Translation Bureau
Rosmolen 17
5451 WV Mill

Phone: 0031 (0) 485 455 989
Mobiel: 0031 (0) 646 139 241


K&K SELEKT have a pleasure to present to you and your clients  our  co-operation offer of hiring high skilled Polish personnel. Due to the fact that we hold very rich database of candidates who are interested in working abroad, especially engineers in manufacturing, we are extending the range of our services towards hiring for foreign contracts Polish employees for many diversified  positions mainly highly qualified specialist engineers and managers in aviation, automotive, chemical and oil&gas industry. We offer five years of experience in providing a comprehensive range of services selecting for international corporations such as: Pratt & Whitney, WSK- UTC, United Technologies Operations, Lear Corporation, Delphi and many others. Our client base ranges from small and medium sized businesses to blue chip multi-nationals in most sectors, recruiting all major disciplines. We are fully licensed by the Polish government. We have got a certificate from Ministry of Economy and Labour as a work intermediation agency for work abroad (number 1273/1b).  

For more details please visit our web page and to express your interest talk to Anna Maciałek or email

Anna Maciałek- Project Consultant
K&K Selekt- Personnel Consultancy
35-103 Rzeszów
4 Handlowa street
Phone: +48604 986 414 , +48 17 85 04 173


We would like welcome all investors: companies and natural persons who plans to start activities in Poland. We are the group of professionals from different branches who wants to make starting up process of new business projects and enterprises in Poland easy for every of our foreign client.

Our services:

  1. Establishing and registration of new companies, branches in Poland.
  2. Real estate services: getting the production or office space.
  3. Organization of basic office equipment.
  4. Getting the stuff.
  5. Every day legal and financial advisory.
  6. Translation services.
  7. Vindication procedures, liquidation procedures and margins.
  8. Organizing the conferences and business meetings in Poland.
  9. Consulting in finding the best business solutions on Polish market.

125/127 Jerozolimskie Avenue
02-017 Warsaw
ph.: +48 22 621 07 90
fax: +48 22 621 86 97
mobile: + 48 501 764 351



Solowski Consultancy is the specialist in business design and development in Poland and in the Netherlands.  We help our customers with reaching renewing and lasting improvements in their organizations in Poland and the Netherlands.  Improvements concerning expense savings and earnings optimalisation. For example: setting up new structured establishment with new c.q. supplementary mostly innovative products/services, by changing of existing organizations or  business take-over purchase of organisations.  In the Netherlands and in Poland you can expect advise on matters in legal, fiscal and marketing direction. We deliver also initiation and structure of investments in Poland.  This can be real estate investments, but also investments projects from various other branches. 

Organization development services

  • analysis market potency & profit abilities analysis
  • businessplan development
  • setting up new business (or take-over purchase)
  • fiscal and administrative support
  • intention personnel management
  • culture & communication advice
  • legal advice  

Investments in Poland

  • Initiation and selection investments in Poland (on request from 100,000 Euros). 
  • Risk management & Controlling of investments projects in Poland.
  • Business take-over purchase & business taxation. 
  • Information on development of investment projects in Poland. 
  • Support in business development in Poland. 

traditional marketing & e-marketing

  • analysis enterprise (strategy and connection to marketing)
  • setting up marketing plan (including necessary analyses)
  • implementation of marketing plan (through fixed media)
  • advertising and search engine optimalisation
  • development of marketing materials (communication text with graphics)
  • measurements, analyses and evaluations

Export and import to and from Poland

  • market investigation and/or market exploration
  • determine set up entrance strategy
  • setting up export or import plan
  • selection distributor/agent or development direct distribution channel (B2B, B2C)
  • implementation of export or importplan and accompaniment execution

Correspondance and establishment address:

Heijgraefflaan 26
3953 BK Maarsbergen
The Netherlands

tel           +31 34 343 1065
fax:         +31 34 343 1065
mobile:    +31 62 469 2318

Contact represantative: Jarek Solowski
Communication in languages: Polish, Dutch, English and German.





Koszalin and its Communes - well economically established region without any communicative and administrative barriers between national and international business Partners.

Koszalin Business Centre ranges of activities:

  • Entrepreneurship promotion,
  • Creating business friendly environment and service for Investors
  • Establishing national and international Corporate Relations
  • Participating in gaining the EU funds
  • Koszalin's inland and abroad promotion
75-037 Koszalin
Zwycięstwa 42
tel. (+48 94) 34 77 127
tel./fax (+48 94) 34 12 317


More information:



M.A.Z. Serwis Personalny Sp.z o.o. and S.A.M. Detachering B.V.

With our office in The Netherlands and Poland we are the adequate company to help you on the way to do business in Poland .

We can offer you services as follow:  

•  Trade support
•  Searching cooperation partners in metal-, wood-, and plastic branch
•  Law and administration advice and support
•  Human Resource related services
•  Personnel service
•  Other

For more information you can contact our office in The Netherlands or Poland. We speak Dutch.

in The Netherlands:

S.A.M.Detachering B.V.
Jan Tinbergenstraat 4a
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 413 479332
Fax.+31 413 295262


in Poland:

M.A.Z. Serwis Personalny Sp. z o.o.
75-037 Koszalin
Zwycięstwa 42
tel. (+48 94) 348 01 02
fax. (+48 94) 348 01 03



NedPol Business Link offers consultancy in Dutch-Polish business development.
We advise and support companies with:

•  Trade between Holland and Poland (import, export)
•  Invest in Poland and in the Netherlands
•  Establish companies in Poland or Holland
•  Translations (English, Dutch, Polish)
•  Acquire Real Estate in Poland
•  Select Dutch or Polish Business Partners
•  Perform Market Research

NedPol Business Link: Creates Dutch-Polish Business Opportunities.
tel: +31 - 20 - 695 31 89
fax: +31 - 84 - 223 44 74



Euro Recruitment is a human resource recruitment & consulting company established in 1992 focusing primarily on the Polish labour market. We have supported in the past and are supporting a large number of prestigious companies such as Skanska, Citi Bank Handlowy, Fortis Bank, Cadbury Wedel or Metro AG to name only a few.

To help EU companies to establish representative offices in Poland, besides and in addition to purely staffing services, we also offer a comprehensive package of services ranging from legal and notarial to tax advice and accounting services.

If you feel the above profile coincide with your interest, please do not hasitate to contact us.  

+48 22 646 42 86



BOSS Economic Information




The mission of BBLG is the efficient (multi-lingual) development and provision of qualified, well documented, sales leads and marketing surveys at the required and the professional delivery of the clients initial value proposition level to support the complex sales process.

A summary of our main benefits & differentiators are as follows:

  • FAST RESULTS: Provides new leads for direct sales persons - allows rapid pipeline development/strengthening keeps sales force focussed on CLOSING
  • PROVISION OF TRUE BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE : Detailed (contextualized) comments provided either through prospecting or market surveys
  • TIME SAVING: No ramp-up time required for recruiting/training etc.
  • STANDARDIZATION: Standard approach used across Europe (value proposition delivery), but with local context/cultural finesse.
  • COST REDUCTION: No additional head-count necessary or associated set-up costs
  • SCALABLE & MULTILINGUAL: Allows both regional/linguistic barriers to be overcome
  • TECHNOLOGY: Data transfer capabilities very wide providing feedback into your CRM tool
  • RISK REDUCTION: Utilise experienced multi-lingual prospecting team with set deliverables

Mr. O. Haring, Sales Executive
Groningensingel 1, Arnhem
The Netherlands
Tel : + 31 (0)26 - 445 3887
Fax : + 31 (0)26 - 321 0446



GEC is engaged as a financial consultancy office providing services to for example international operating companies, bankers, real estate agents, attorneys, insurance companies.

We provide credit and debt recovery reports on companies worldwide and analyze the (potential) supplier or customer, provide marketing research etc..

In case you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
For further information on our company and services you can also contact our web-site at: 

Anna Paulownastraat 103
2518 BC Den Haag
The Netherlands
Tel +31 70 - 360 04 89
Fax +31 70 - 360 10 09



WETCO, West European Trading & Consultancy Organisation

WETCO is a consultancy type of organization which supports a company in finding export opportunities and the suitable trading partners in the European countries. WETCO coordinates her activities from Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Market orientation.

As a businessman you have interests in expanding your activities to West European countries. Your very first interests are in considering whether your export efforts will have chances for success. In other words at first a market orientation, because you wonder:

  • Is our type of products already sold in the market ?
  • What are the trade names, brands of products ?
  • Who are the manufacturers and importers / wholesalers ?
  • What is the competition like ?
  • What is the price level ?
  • What are the market expectations ?

WETCO will find you the agents, customers / potential buyers will make contacts, will examine the possibilities and will try to come to business appointments and/or other ways of cooperation. Are you interested ? Do not hesitate to let us know !

WETCO West European Trading & Consultancy Organization
Postbox 34088
The Netherlands
For the attention of Mr. John Verhagen, Managing Director
Tel +31 10 - 422 07 55
Fax +31 10 - 212 28 72



Penetrating the European Market by Establishing a presence in Rotterdam

The city of Rotterdam is offering business development networking and services, free of charge, to international high tech companies who are looking to expand their business in Europe .

High-tech companies that will choose Rotterdam as their location, will receive dedicated business development and strategic marketing services, free of charge.

These services can consist of:

  • targeting and approaching potential partners
  • searching for distribution channels
  • Identifying concrete business opportunities and clients
  • developing company-specific business networks
  • applying for, and managing subsidy/grant-based R&D programs under European and local frameworks

Companies who will choose to start operations in Rotterdam, will benefit also from the many logistical and commercial advantages the city offers and which make it a preferable choice as a gateway to Europe.

K.P. van der Mandelelaan 100
3062 MB Rotterdam
The Netherlands
Tel +31 10 - 453 13 20
Fax +31 10 - 453 18 03



POLENCONSULT - B2B - services for companies in the Netherlands and Poland .

We offer effective and efficient help in:

  • foundation of a company
  • juridical matters associated with doing business with foreign company's
  • arranging contacts between companies (of desired profile)
  • organizing employment of Polish workers in the Netherlands
  • preparing Polish employees for their stay and work in the Netherlands
  • communication - translation and interpretation
  • relocation of individuals and families to the both countries

That is why POLENCONSULT is the perfect business partner for your specific needs.

Polenconsult co-operates closely with Q-as Coaching.

Mrs Katarzyna Papa
De Ontdekking 36
3823 DT Amersfoort
Tel: + 31 33 4572660
Fax. + 31 33 4572661
Mrs Jola van Hulst
Q-as Coaching
Viltroos 3
3831 CH Leusden
Tel: +31 33 4324364
Fax: +31 33 4324374



FRIBERG CONSULT, Your colleague in the export market

FRIBERG CONSULT is well known for the ability to listen, identify and understand the needs and wants of their customers'.

FRIBERG CONSULT can help you to:

  • Export to the Netherlands and Denmark
  • Analyse existing export strategies
  • Understand markets and business
  • Identify new opportunities in increasing export share and profitability
  • Find business partners
  • Arrange and set up exhibitions
  • Set up an office or business operation in the Netherlands or Denmark.

Success in export markets is crucial to long-term growth in business. FRIBERG CONSULT is interested in helping you. We work with both well established and start-up companies to build profitable sales and effective marketing results. To develop knowledge and understanding of markets we help you in researching markets, supporting export promotion activities, arranging market visits, developing trade and actively assisting you to successfully enter the markets.

FRIBERG CONSULT is able to assist and support companies in almost every business area imaginable. Learn more about our ability to assist you by browsing through our website. We can help you save time and money.

Utrechtsestraat 4H
2587 RC Den Haag
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 70 - 354 81 99
Fax.+31 84 - 220 56 40
e-mail :

web :



One of the solutions to challenge increasing competition is to utilise the opportunities of internationalisation. New Markets - International Accountants & Consultants (NewMarkets) is committed to support small and medium sized enterprises in expanding to Western, Central and Eastern Europe. We started operations in the early nineties by advising Western European companies on doing business in Central and Eastern Europe but nowadays we are increasingly involved in helping Central European companies, including Polish enterprises in benefiting from the opportunities the common European market has to offer.

We advice in all three stages of internationalisation:

NewMarkets to Discover: definition of internationalisation feasibility and strategy
NewMarkets to Explore: advice in implementing the internationalisation strategy
NewMarkets to Join: hands-on support in managing the internationalisation process

NewMarkets - International Accountants & Consultants
De Dreeftoren, 11 th floor
Haaksbergweg 13
1101 BP Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel: + 31 (0)20 650 9065 E-mail :
Fax: +31 (0)20 650 9066 Website :




Niemczyk i Wspólnicy offers a full range of services connected with the investment process, creating a comprehensive and unique combination of services from the sphere of advising, economic information, investigation of the positioning of companies and competition monitoring, strategic analyses and restructuring (economic intelligence, due diligence), training, risk and medial assessment as well as legal servicing.

Our experiences cover projects in Poland and all over the world, conducted for major companies as well as investment funds operating at home and abroad.

Unlike as in case of most market entities, we take advantage not only of the basic register sources, but also of the entire catalogue of specialist databases, product analyses (reverse engineering) and advanced computer-aided media monitoring - general and branch, at home and abroad.
Next to the basic data regarding the company and its economic activity, we present information concerning the key personalities, the history of their performance, family, political and criminal connections, intellectual property, etc.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT, acquiring information from open sources) is a basic foundation for concluding all major investment transactions, both in Europe and the USA.
OSINT is the bass for market intelligence as well, consisting in market research, collecting information on customer needs and expectations, competitor activities, and benchmarking (comparing processes and practice followed by leading companies of the assessed sector).

Our experiences acquired in the course of the implementation of various projects, enable us to carry out a much more effective and exact analysis of the entrusted tasks as compared with the non-specialised firms. Our competence is composed, among other things of: knowledge of the methods and mechanisms of operation, which can lead to various kinds of abuses, knowledge of persons (and inter-personal relations), which can pose a potential threat for the certainty of turnover and the ways for seeking connections between the analysed occurrences.
In justified cases, we also cooperate with external detective agencies or subcontractors possessing the appropriate licenses and entry in the registers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration and the Police Provincial Command, which enable to run detective activity and also with experts from various fields in keeping with the principle of full confidentiality of the order.

Our company also has a license for rendering detective services. 

Henryk Grocholski
Niemczyk i Wspólnicy Sp. z o. o.
Ul. Foksal 3/5
00-366 Warszawa Poland
Fax. (48 22) 829 80 61 - POLISH - ENGLISH



INFOCREDIT is the oldest Polish Credit Reporting Agency, founded in 1990, owned and managed by Mrs Iwona Surdykowska - Huk. The company provides business information and verifies credibility of commercial entities.

Since 1996 INFOCREDIT co-operates with the top European data base producer at the creation of a unique financial statements data base (AMADEUS) composed of the accounts of companies from all over Europe.

At the beginning of 2007 the company took off with a business information portal Quick Reports provided by the service are the source of an inexpensive and fast information on Polish companies.

Quick Reports - provided by the service, are the source of an inexpensive and fast (online) information on Polish companies (NEW!)
Credit Reports - are mainly used for the verification of credibility of the potential business partners
TEGIEL - data base consisting of financial, telemarketing, registry information on top Polish companies
AMADEUS - data base consisting information on top European companies (approximately 9 million) and of a very wide range of analytic tools

Marcin Gieros
ul. Smolna 40,
00-375 Warszawa   Poland
Mobile: (0048) 515 068 638
Phone: (0048 22) 827 54 86-88
Fax: (0048 22) 826 81 84

 Products. Companies. Trade Leads.
Directory of Poland businesses, trade leads form Poland and trade show listings form Poland.

MaxTrader internet service portal crosses country borders and exceeds industry limits in order to facilitate both international and domestic business. Growing interest in the Polish market and international commercial exchange make MaxTrader enjoy increasing popularity with entrepreneurs in Poland and abroad.

MaxTrader support focuses on:

  • establishing lasting contacts between business entities in Poland, Western Europe and Russia,
  • trade offer exchange,
  • promotion of goods and services,
  • supplying vital information which would facilitate business expansion and growth,
  • updating users on trade shows, exhibitions, training opportunities, programmes,
  • advising on conducting business activities in Poland and abroad.

We wish to encourage exports and imports as well as make it easier thanks to the support of our platform. We are here to help, advise, cross borders, break through language barriers and fight stereotypes.

Due to reliable information, customized service portfolio, major concern over each customer and a free option to publish company information in the service, from the very beginning MaxTrader provided a handy tool to small and large companies alike. Having met in our portal many enterprises managed to build long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

MaxTrader Products. Companies. Trade leads
tel.: (+48 12) 426 96 90; fax: (+48 12) 398 66 16
Mobile: +48/ 602 222 677;




Our Company provides services to entrepreneurs who are interested in establishing new international and domestic business contacts.

  • We provide help in finding commercial contacts that match our business partners needs and requirements.
  • We liaise with international experts in the field of trade and commerce and with government organizations such as Chamber of Commerce in Opole or City Hall in Nysa
  • We speak fluent English and French.
  • Our aim is to provide expert services to insure highest customer satisfaction.

If you are looking for any specific product or want to deliver your products to prospective

+48 774354623
+48 507270916
+48 692088959
+48 601617255




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