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Wielkopolskie Centrum Logistyczne - Stare Miasto S.A

Wielkopolskie Centrum Logistyczne - Stare Miasto S.A., a joint stock company, was established on 20th June, 2001 as a public - private partnership enterprise. Our founders and stockholders are The Stare Miasto Commune, in the area of which the investment is being implemented, The Town of Konin, and 5 private entrepreneurs. Councils of The Stare Miasto Commune and The Town of Konin have made contribution in kind in the form of land and private investors contributed the capital. It is our pleasure to inform you that the LOGIT company has formulated a concept of a storage Park on the surface of 10 ha, located in the grounds of the Wielkopolska Logistic Centre (Wielkopolskie Centrum Logistyczne) in thevicinity of Konin. The Park includes four warehouses with the total surface of 52,000 m2, as well as three forwarding terminals of the total surface of 7,200 m2. In 2005 the first warehouse with the surface of 15,000 m2 will be built.This warehouse is offered to tenants. During the next period the other storage facilities will be constructed. The forwarding terminals will be designed to meet specific demand. Apart from letting the storage space, we also offer full service of the warehouse during an indicated period.Bearing in mind the development of Your company, we suggest considering locating Your business in the grounds mentioned. We offer attractive rental prices established in the course of individual negotiations.You will find enclosed a technical description of the facilities and more information concerning the Wielkopolska Logistic Centre. For more information, please visit our website:





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