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Polish provinces (voivodeships):

  Dolnośląskie Kujawsko - Pomorskie Lubelskie Lubuskie Lódzkie Małopolskie Mazowieckie Opolskie Podkarpackie Podlaskie Pomorskie Śląskie Świętokrzyskie Wielkopolskie Warmińsko - Mazurskie Zachodniopomorskie Dolnoslaskie Wroclaw
  Kujawsko-pomorskie Bydgoszcz
  Lubelskie Lublin
  Lubuskie Gorzów Wielkopolski
  Lódzkie Lódz
  Malopolskie Kraków
  Mazowieckie Warszawa
  Opolskie Opole
  Podkarpackie Rzeszów
  Podlaskie Bialystok
  Pomorskie Gdansk
  Slaskie Katowice
  Swietokrzyskie Kielce
  Warminsko-mazurskie Olsztyn
  Wielkopolskie Poznan
  Zachodniopomorskie Szczecin



Warmia - Masury Special Economic Zone

The Warmia and Mazury Region is a leader in such production like food processing, lumber and furniture industry. The largest companies of province are the following: ABB Zamech in Elblag (branch of Swedish and Swiss ABB), Michelin Polska S.A. (France), EB LTD Elblag (brewery of Dutch BREVPOLE B.V.), Morliny in Ostroda (Spanish meat processing plant), Indykpol Olsztyn (poultry processing plant - American capital), Pisz Plywood Plant , MM International Olsztyn (the biggest furniture manufacturer in Europe with several plants in all region - its Mazur Look International factory is located in Special Economic Zone in Bartoszyce Subzone).

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Offer: SSE - "Premier PLUS"



The objective of Investor Assistance Centre for Lubuskie Region (LubuskieCentrum Obsługi Inwestora)  is to revitalise the economy of Lubuskie Region through creation of friendly environment and investor service system within Lubuskie Voivodship. Investor Assistance Centre supports development of Lubuskie Voivodship through stimulation of foreign investments influx. It is a place of first contact for entrepreneurs interested in investing in the region.

Investor Assistance Centre offers specialized knowledge of legal regulations, branch indicators, up-to-date investment opportunities, data on entrepreneurs' condition and offers.

Centrum Obsługi Inwestora
65-001 Zielona Góra  ul.
Chopina 14, Poland
Phone/fax: +48 68 - 329 78 38, 329 78 39


Industrial Zone

A complex of land parcels of 130 hectares have been designed for industry or services. The land is fully developed (sewage system, water supply, electricity, gas) and located along the town ring-road that links two national roads ( 12 and 27).

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Center Rack

Warehouse and Office Complex
Located at the industrial area of Konstantynow Lodzki.
For sale or rental, commercial partnership welcomed.
Tel / mobile +48 - 601 21 72 00

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Investment Offers of Lodz

Lodz has a well-developed cooperation in the area of economic and cultural development of the city with self-governments and institutions at the local, regional and also international level. Lodz Agency for Regional Development - we implement the objectives of the "Development Strategy of the Łódzkie Region". Under the Regional Contract, we exchange opinions with the regional self-government. Economic promotion of Łódź, attracting and providing service for investors who start up their businesses in the Łódzkie Region, and development of regional infrastructure and investments, are a joint and priority task of the above-mentioned partners.

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Centre for Opolskie Region (Opolskie Centrum Obsługi Inwestora) was formed at the beginning of 2003 within the framework of Regional Development Agency.

Its objective is to revitalise the economy of Opole - Silesia Region through creation of friendly environment and investor service system within Opolskie Voivodship. Investor Assistance Centre supports development of Opolskie Voivodship through stimulation of foreign investments influx. It is a place of first contact for entrepreneurs interested in investing in the region.

Investor Assistance Centre offers specialized knowledge of legal regulations, branch indicators, up-to-date investment opportunities, data on entrepreneurs' condition and offers.

Centrum Obsługi Inwestora przy Urzędzie Marszałkowskim Województwa Opolskiego
Plac Wolności 5, 45-018 Opole, Poland
E-mail: Phone/fax: +48 77 441 41 16

Offer: download presentation in PowerPoint



Pomerania Development Agency

Pomerania Development Agency [Agencja Rozwoju Pomorza S.A.], one of the pioneer agencies for regional development in Poland, launched its activities in 1992. It was formed on the initiative of the voivodship authorities actively supported by businesses representing the vital sectors of the regional economy: port operations, fuel and energy, finance, building, and consulting.

Investor Assistance Centre (IAC)
We are regional partner of Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency.
We cooperate with local and central authorities, business associations and chambers of commerce, consulates and embassies. We have serviced business missions i.a. from France (Limousin region), Germany (Meklemburg-Vorpommen, Sachsen, Frankonen), Portugal (Setubal region) and from Ukrainen

Scope of services:

  • We run a database of investment opportunities and land available in the Pomeranian Voivodship,
  • We provide service to investors and commercial missions,
  • We organize visits and meetings between domestic and foreign enterprises,
  • We promote investment opportunities in the province, We offer advice on developing promotional materials and investment opportunity reviews

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Pomeranian Special Economic Zone

We are honoured to invite you to invest in the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone, which encompasses the areas in the Pomeranian Region that are considered the most attractive places for investment and industry: the rural and urban communes of Tczew, the municipalities of Kwidzyn, Starogard Gdański, Malbork and Sztum and the rural communes of Krokowa, Gniewino, Chojnice and Człuchów . The Pomeranian Special Economic Zone was created by merging the "Żarnowiec" Special Economic Zone and the "Tczew" Special Economic Zone which were established by the ordinance of the Council of Ministers in September 1997 for a period of 20 years. The company managing the zone is the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone, a limited liability company headquartered in Sopot.

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Metropolis Commercial Real Estate has been providing services related to commercial real estate in the Silesian Agglomeration since 2004.The Silesian Agglomeration consists of 24 cities and it is inhabited by almost 3 million people. Dynamic development of the region is reflected in transactions on the real estate market. Thanks to Metropolis, the Customers may be sure that the exisiting facilities and new projects will not escape their notice. As experts in the fiels of real estate in the area of the Silesian Agglomeration, we have the biggest database of facilities intended for lease or sale. We analyse the needs of potential Lessees and Investors on a regular basis, thanks to which we stimulate the supply of attractive facilities on the local market. Metropolis cooperates with local and regional authorities, supporting their activity in the field of winning investors for the Silesian Agglomeration. Our experience and knowledge facilitate the development of the region.
Scope of services:
- consultancy related to real estate,
- analyses of individual segments of the real estate market,
- agency services in the field of real estate,
- valuation of facilities,
- consultancy related to legal and tax solutions,
- offers of architectural solutions and adaptation of exisiting facilities,
- preparing reports on the Silesian real estate market.
Metropolis Commercial Real Estate changes the face of Silesia.
We invite you to cooperate with us,
Metropolis Commercial Real Estate Ltd.
ul. Francuska 35, 40-027 Katowice, Poland
tel.: +48 32 256 46 46, fax: +48 32 255 23 70

Investment areas in the Silesian Agglomeration (.pdf):


INVESTMENT LAND FOR SALE - Poznan -Tarnowo Podgorne - Pniewy in direction of Berlin

We are Polish real estate agency specialized (interested) in the sale of developed investment land (commercial, industrial purpose) to foreign investors. We own INVESTMENT LAND FOR SALE at the A-2 route Poznan -Tarnowo Podgorne - Pniewy in direction of Berlin (by the international highway A2: Paris - Berlin - Poznan - Warsaw - Moscow) with very good connection to city (Poznan) center and with very good connection to Western Europe. As well we own other kind of land, properties located in/around Poznan, Poland

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Investment offer

Since 1997 Kostrzyn - Slubice Special Economic Zone with the success supports and serves the home and foreign investors, who create new job places in industry and services. Zone giving for investors sites with full technical infrastructure, allowances and tax exemptions packets, fully accordance with European Union regulations, active creates the support for enterprises. Tax benefits from investment location in Kostrzyn - Slubice Special Economic Zone actually belong to one of the real public help instrument in Poland.

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Offer: Kostrzyn-Slubice_investments.doc




Centre for Technology Transfer - Toruń, Poland

An Industrial and Technological Park shall be set up in Toruń. It will take up areas located in various parts of the City with a total area of over 100 hectares. Its first element is the Centre for Technology Transfer, under construction by Toruń Regional Development Agency.

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Western Industrial District
Industrial and service buildings, stores and warehouses
Western Industrial District is located within the area of Industrial District by the road joining Głogów with the Copper Plant (in the direction of Zielona Góra). It has direct access to the railway siding; distance from the river port - 900m; distance from the main regional road in the direction of Zielona Góra (No 292) - 100m. Development of infrastructure of the area is being realized with financial support from the European Union within the Phare SSG 2003 Programme. The project comprises construction of roads including complete equipment.

Urban Investment Zone
Industry, warehouses, commercial services, liquid fuel handling base
The Urban Investment Zone is located between the Copper Plant "Głogów" and the town, by the main regional road No 292 in the direction of Zielona Góra (distance from the national road No 12 - 3 km and No 3 - 15 km). Two railway lines run through this area: Wrocław - Szczecin and Żagań - Głogów - Ostrów Wlkp. There is a possibility of building the railway sidings. The Odra River flows along the northern border of the area. The river port is situated within the distance of 1,5 km from the zone. There is also a possibility of building a river port in the area. There are 20/0,4 kV power lines and heat distribution network passing near the plot. Within the distance of 1,5 km from the zone, there is a modern sewage-treatment plant and near the area - an industrial waste dump.The Urban Investment Zone comprises 100 ha of grounds together. There is a possibility of enlarging the zone by 48 ha of private grounds. The Municipality of Głogów is planning to create the Regional Industry and Technology Park there.

 Invest in Glogow
 Invest in Glogow II

ul. Lipowa 4/2
58-200 Dzierżoniów
tel. +48609618756, +48508065892
e-mail: ,
Contact: Robert Waldemar Mateusz Kubaś & Mariusz Piestrak

DIORA has produced some equipment military and this enterprise has produced for 50 years, for example: radios, car radioplayers, tape recorders, CD players, equipments HI-FI, videos, arrays for receipt of satelite television, speaker kit, loundspeakers, television, medical equipment etc.

 We would like to present our business offer


Industrial Park Bukowice

We invite you to have a look at our offer about prime commercial lands situated in Poland near to Wroclaw City, assigned for chemical industry, logistic centres, warehouses.

More information:



Offer for investors being interested in conducting business activity in the "Koszalin"
Complex of the Słupsk Special Economic Zone

Objectives of the "Koszalin" Complex ,

•  improvement of attractiveness for investments,
•  development of the existing economic infrastructure, creation of equal opportunities for regional development of Koszalin and Słupsk,
•  enhancing of competitiveness of the produced goods and rendered services,
•  increase of the capital expenditure level per one person (per capita) being the city inhabitant ,
•  taking advantage of the economic potential of the region, development of conventional branches (lines of business) such as electrical and machine-building industry, wood processing, food processing etc.,
•  taking advantage of scientific and research potential of the Koszalin University of Technology and development of the existing Science and Technology Park ,
•  improvement of living and welfare conditions,
•  preventing negative migration.

The Municipality city of Koszalin
ul. Rynek Staromiejski 6-7, 75-007 Koszalin
tel. (+48 94) 348-86-00
fax (+48 94) 348-86-25
More information: e-mail:

Mayor city of Koszalin:
Miroslaw Mikietynski
tel. (+48 94) 348-86-03
fax (+48 94) 348-86-25






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